Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

What are the best ideas for a Secret Santa exchange where you don’t want to pay too much? Here they are:

  • Rosewood Tape Measure – Not too many companies are innovating with tape measures, so this is sure to be a unique Secret Santa gift.
  • Fun socks – Check out Yo Sox or The Sock Drawer or other sites for socks with fun and funky designs.
  • Candles – You can get inexpensive candles in a million places. One example we like: Standard Wax
  • Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool – Shaped like a wine bottle, it’s got a ton of different small tools inside, from lemon squeezer to grater to can opener to measuring cup.
  • Chewbacca Slippers with Sound – What’s to say? Furry Chewbacca slippers that make Chewbacca sounds when you walk. Only $20.
  • Bath Bombs – If you don’t know, bath bombs are little hard-packed balls or other shapes that you throw in a bath. In general, they fizz and smell good, giving your bath an upgrade. They make good Secret Santa gifts. One place to get them is Basin.