Best Gifts For Mom

What are the best gift for a mom — your mom, your wife, or someone else’s mom? Our top 5 picks:

Elephant and Her Little Peanuts Necklace – This is an easy pick for the mom with kids, especially little kids. Choose the number of peanuts to attach based on how many kids mom has.

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Funny Wine Glass – Some moms like to drink wine, and a lot of those moms like to talk about how much they could use a glass of wine right about now. So, get this wine glass that shows your appreciation for Mom and lets her have a drink already.

Spa Gift Baskets – This spa gift basket from is full of lotions and brushes and towels and is just one example of the many spa gift baskets that you can find to treat a mom who likes a little TLC.

Fitbit – If the mom in question is a workout queen or maybe wants to take steps to get there, the best-known name in fitness trackers might make a good gift. There is a range of Fitbits to choose from, with the price going up as more features are added. The Alta or Charge 2 are our favorites.

Reusable Cold Cups with Straw & Top – We know some moms who love having their own “sippies” — the Starbucks stainless steel cold cup we’ve linked to here is just one example. Keeps your drink cold, mobile, and spill-proof. Simple but surprisingly loved once owned.

Amazon Echo or Google Home – Yell into the air and get an an actual answer. Moms never get such a response from their children.

Slippers – Or maybe you call them “house shoes.” Moms like a soft slipper around when their feet are cold or those dogs are barking. This link takes you to the top sellers on